Purveyors of Quality comics & INTRODUCING THE “GRAPHIC ALBUM.”

We are Z2 Comics, a boutique graphic novel company founded in 2012 as ZIP Comix with the release of Harvey Pekar's CLEVELAND and works from comics luminaries such as Paul Pope and Dean Haspiel. In 2017 Z2 found a unique niche with the marriage of comics and music. Starting with MURDER BALLADS by Gabe Soria and featuring original music by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Z2 has pioneered the “graphic album” format with collaborations with BABYMETAL, Andy Biersack of The Black Veil Brides, internet sensation POPPY and Christian metal titans Skillet. Stay tuned for our full 2019 and 2020 lineups, featuring some of the biggest names in music and comics.


"I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t like Poppy, but if they don’t, and I come across them someday, I want them to know that I love them.”



Comics connoisseurs

Founders and publishers Josh Frankel and Sridhar Reddy are lifelong comic and music fans, and the foundation of Z2 was built on three driving tenets:  

1. Be Moral - all art has value and artists are to be respected, rewarded and have agency over their work. Representation matters.

2. Be Profitable - The longevity of personal art in the commercial space requires that said art be profitable through precision marketing, promotion and understanding how markets and audiences continue to evolve.

3. Make Good Work - Artistic and editorial quality must be maintained at a high bar. Comics and music are expressions of worldview and deserve the highest standard of production, support and creative freedom.