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Purveyors of Quality comics & graphic novels.

We are Z2 Comics, a small graphic novel company founded in 2012 as ZIP Comix. Our first book was Harvey Pekar's Cleveland which was a large success, enabling us to build momentum—publishing and creating more successful graphic novels and comics to date. In 2014 ZIP transitioned to Z2 Comics and thus far we have done over 20 comics and Graphic Novels


"With the book still months from publication, it’s too early to reveal much. In the months to come, BABYMETAL fans can expect more announcements, but today I would say the question we should be asking is not who is BABYMETAL, but what is BABYMETAL?"

-Hollywood Reporter



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Comics connoisseurs

Josh Frankel and Sridhar Reddy are lifelong comic and music fans.  Our core tenets in running this business are three 

1. Be Moral

2. Be Profitable

3. Make Good Work